ACS Rejection Reasons

  • Irrelevant or immaterial job description: As all know RPL means, a report which will showcase candidate’s qualification, skills, contribution, and knowledge in the specified field of occupation. For this reason, the candidates will try his/her best to include all the details of the work experience, roles, and duties that performed during his/her project in a relevant company of ICT.
  1. Here the candidates must be aware that 65% of the roles, duties and responsibilities and instance of employment mentioned in the RPL report must be accordance with the nominated occupation along with experience which should be closely related to ANZSCO codes. If it is not clear as mentioned above, then the candidate’s RPL will be assessed by ACS and declare as “Not suitable due to lack of information”.
  2. The candidates must be very much sure about his/her job description for which occupation applied, if the description doesn’t match to relevant occupation as mentioned by ANZSCO then the candidate’s RPL will be rejected by ACS. So only the candidates should be careful in mentioning relevant job tasks with the nominated occupation.
  • Plagiarism: While submission of RPL reports to ACS the candidates should be careful about Plagiarism. There are many RPL report samples online, but these samples are only for reference not to copy or paste into the candidate’s RPL report. If the ACS finds any plagiarism in the candidate’s RPL report, then the report tends to get rejected by ACS. ACS wants the RPL report should be 100% unique. Altogether plagiarism is one of the main rejection reasons by ACS.
  • Insufficient work experience: There are several principles that ACS follow in assessing the skill level of the candidates. Candidates must be clear in declaring skills before and after qualification. For skilled migration, candidates need certain years of suitable work experience only after that skills and knowledge considered for employment and eligibility. Overall it means the work experience of the applied candidates could not meet the eligibility of RPL principles then the ACS will reject the RPL by saying “Not suitable due to lack of experience”.

 How to Avoid ACS Rejection?

Recognition of Prior Learning RPL is concerned with those candidates who are not qualified or partial qualified in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) but the candidate should have a good experience in the field of ICT. This RPL form has some format; candidates should fill and submit with required and mentioned documents to Australian Computer Society (ACS) and should meet ACS standards. ACS is a body or an organization that is strictly associated with the filter of the RPL report of applied candidates under the guidelines of ANZSCO codes. ACS has some eligibility principles which the applying candidates should follow, if not the ACS has full rights to reject the RPL report.

Candidates are of two types, who can apply the RPL report assessment to ACS are as follows,

  1. Candidates with partial ICT knowledge, which is gained through their respective work experience in a relevant field, a stretch of 6 years of experience by occupation Anzsco code.
  2. Candidates without tertiary knowledge of ICT needs extra two more years of experience to understand how ICT works, totally the candidates require eight years of experience.