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Recognition of Prior Learning is the reports of skills of an individual who is not certified in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) but the same individual has a good sort of experience related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Altogether any individual who is having at least 3 plus years of experience in related to the ICT occupations is capable of applying for a job in Australia and migrate there to pursue their dream job and lead a joyful life. Get the best ACS RPL writing services in India at affordable price but –100% Approval guaranteed.

Candidates who have a good knowledge and experience related to ICT but do not have ICT qualifications can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) skills assessment. These reports are checked by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This ACS requires such individuals to apply the RPL document, which consists of their two projects with experience and knowledge acquired during the above-mentioned projects. That means Key areas of knowledge and professional development should be listed according to selected occupation as described in the ACS Anzsco code.

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The RPL writing and submitting report process is a little bit risky, as it should meet each guideline mentioned in the MSA booklet to reach the Anzsco occupational code, in a very prompt way then only the candidate’s RPL will be accepted by ACS otherwise it will be rejected.


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Format To Write RPL Report: 

 We can assess the RPL project Report Form on the ACS website, it is in a specific manner and needs to follow it. Before filling the RPL Form need to complete 2 sections and these sections are discussed below,

Section 1:  

Key Areas of Knowledge, in these two statements, need to follow. General ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Knowledge and Essential Core ICT Knowledge. Instead of mentioning 2 topics, select any one and write it to show the candidates knowledge in that area, as it is listed below,

  • ICT Professional Knowledge: Here areas of knowledge include, ethics, expectations from professions, teamwork in concepts and problems, issues related to society, communication.
  • ICT management: Here area of knowledge includes, organization issues and IT governance.
  • ICT Problem solving: Here area of knowledge includes, method modeling, procedures for identified problems, tools, techniques and methods.
  • Technology Building: Here area of knowledge includes, acquisition and information development, programming, human factors.
  • Technology Resources: Here area of knowledge includes, data communications and networking, fundamentals related to hardware and software, data management and information.

 Our professional RPL writes select anyone above mentioned area of knowledge in which the applied candidates are in good and proceed to elaborate on the sub-topic’s areas of knowledge. 

Project Section 2:  

RPL Project Reports: It is compulsory to submit at least 2 project reports by the candidates to comment during the preparation of the RPL report by the professional writers. In which one of the projects what the candidates submitted should be developed based on the project and should be at least 3 years old, and another project should be within 5 years old and should be commenced by the candidate itself.

Following are the parts which should be mentioned and included in the project report form,  

  • Project details should be mentioned like team size and period.
  • Identification of the different stages of the project, mostly there are 4 stages in every project.
  • The need to mention about roles and responsibilities of a specified project, including business opportunities and issues related to the project should be mentioned.
  • Need to concentration on the profit of the project with the work what done in return like, issues solved when issues raised.

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