How To Write RPL for Chief Information Officer (135111)?

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The chief information officer or CIO is generally being the head of an IT department of an organization. From planning and applying the strategies of using information technology in a company and taking care of IT-related functioning. Chief information officers have a strategic, practical, and leadership role in an organization. They are considered as critical contributors to the organizations that support the goals and objectives of the company. The ACS ANZSCO Code for Chief Information Officer is 135111.

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Roles and Responsibility of a Chief Information Officer are as follows:-

  • Able to develop the strategies for the efficient working of the IT Department.
  • Able to analyze the needs of the organization and specifying the technological requirements accordingly.
  • Able to supervise the software instruction, computer networks, or computer systems of the organization to perform frequently.
  • Able to analyze the value, risks, cost, and other disadvantages. If any of the current technologies and advising necessary changes.
  • Able to supervise the projects related to information technology. 
  • To improve the software, hardware equipment, and other resources required by the IT department.
  • Able to select and hire new vital roles in the IT department. 

RPL Project Report, which is analyzed by the Australian computer society, encompasses several documents such as:-

  • It involves an Application Form. 
  • A statutory declaration.
  • It Involves a Curriculum vita. ( Updated Resume)
  • It includes your Key areas of knowledge. ( Two Project Reports)
  • It involves your ACS RPL Carrier Episode Report- 1 for Analyst Programmer (based on the past three years of work experience.)
  • It also involves ACS RPL Carrier Episode Report-2 for Analyst Programmer (based on past Five years of work experience.)
  • It requires an IELTS/ TOEFL Results for English Language skills. 
  • And Academic transcripts.