ACS RPL for Developer Programmer – Anzsco 261312

Developer programmers need not worry about coding as they are the coders and the developers to it. While programmers are confined only with coding, developers have more significant responsibility for the whole project. Hence the job of ICT developer programmer is much preferred by many computer engineers worldwide. RPL or the recognition of prior learning will help to become a developer programmer in Australia even without requisite ICT qualifications.  But the RPL for developer programmer should be written in a way that it portrays the necessary ICT skills and experience for the approval of ACS. It should be written to be on par with the ICT qualifications in Australia and hence needs professional help at Website called ACS Australia .Org

Who is ICT Developer Programmer in Australia?

To become a developer programmer in Australia, ICT professionals have to write RPL Report as per the ACS specifications..  You may have alternative titles like an Application developer, ICT Developer, or ICT programmer, but all come under the Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation codes. For each job category regarding ICT or information computer technology, ACS or Australian Computer Society has specific guidelines and requirements for approval. Hence to select the right ANZSCO code for developer programmer – 261312, is essential.

Responsibilities of Developer Programmer ANZSCO 261312

Similar to the skills required of 65 % of the ICT units, there should also be 65 % of the responsibilities listed in the employment reference letters for becoming a development programmer in Australia. Also, it should be relevant to the nominated occupation, which is ANZSCO code 261312.

  • To analyze all the requirements of system programs
  • To Conduct proper research on system programs
  • Ability to write codes as per the client requirements which should also meet the system requirements
  • To write codes as per the design specification, technical requirements and within given standards
  • Identify the inefficiencies in the existing software by periodic reviews of the system
  • Ability to correct the inefficiencies in the system and also to make sure they do not occur again
  • As per the specifications of the system to establish testing rules and standards
  • Lead the team of engineers to build software, develop strategies, evaluate costs and help in decision-making tasks
  • Test the whole system in real-time solutions

ICT Careers with the developer programmer – 261312

  • Analyst programmer 261311
  • Developer programmer 261312
  • Software engineer 261313
  • Software tester 261314
  • Software & Application programmer 2631399

Job descriptions of ICT developer programmer (261312 )

All the above developer programmer associated careers will have the job descriptions like

To prepare technical documentation

  • To write, update, and maintain the technical program, end-user documentation, and operational procedure
  • To integrate the specifications of software applications
  • Researching, consulting, analyzing and evaluating system program needs
  • Maintaining the software
  • To meet system requirements, system designs and technical specifications by quality accredited standards To write and maintain program code to
  • To Comprehend the technical designs and flowcharts
  • To Understand software builds
  • To test, debug, diagnose and correct errors and faults in an applications programming language within established testing protocols, guidelines, and quality standards to ensure programs and applications perform to specification
  • To Construct technical specs from the functional model
  • To provide advice, guidance, and expertise in developing proposals and strategies for software design activities such as financial evaluation and costings for recommending software purchases and upgrades
  • To identify technology limitations and deficiencies in existing systems and associated processes, procedures and methods

Skill level, specializations and work nature for ICT Developer Programmer 261312

Developer Programmers in Australia are of the skill level 1 and specializations include

  • Software Programmer
  • Network Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Communications Programmer (Systems)
  • Database Developer
  • Database Programmer (Systems)

The nature of work for the developer programmer in Australia is to develop the businesses by increasing the efficiency of the software.  Hence they have to interpret, design, maintain, and modify all software applications regularly.  Also, it is their responsibility to upgrade the services to clients and increase sales and profits. Hence the developer programmers need the following qualifications and skills to work in Australia.



A degree in the relevant field and five years of experience in it is the minimum qualification for becoming a developer programmer in Australia. But the RPL with proper project forms and critical areas of knowledge should showcase the skill as per the standards of Australian ICT qualifications. Also, the skills to be portrayed in the RPL include


Skills portrayed by ICT engineers in their RPL should have 65 % of the ‘below mentioned ICT units for the relevant ANZSCO 261312.

Description of Closely Related Core ICT Units: 

  • Software Engineering
  • Data structures
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Systems Programming
  • Algorithm design and development
  • Compilers – Compiler Construction, Compiler Theory
  • Formal languages – Formal Methods, Functional Programming
  • Testing strategies and methods – Software Testing
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Operating systems – Unix, Linux, Xenix, Network OS
  • Programming – C, C++, Objective C, Visual C, Basic, Visual Basic, Java, Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, PL/1, Fortran, PHP, Pearl, AS3, FoxPro, and others

 Description of Additional Closely Related ICT Units:

  • Introduction to ICT – Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Theory, Introduction to Business Computing, Computer Science
  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automata theory
  • Business Information Systems
  • Critical Path Method
  • Database design, Database implementation
  • Expert Systems
  • Management Information Systems
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • File Processing
  • Information Systems
  • Telematics
  • Project Management
  • Quality management – Quality Assurance, Software Quality
  • Requirements gathering
  • Software validation – Software Testing
  • Structure of languages
  • User Requirements Definition
  • Web Engineering – Web Design, Internet Engineering
  • Database Management Systems -Relational Database, Object Oriented Database, RDBMS


On an average basis, an ICT development programmer gets around AUD 100,000 per annum.  As per the experience, level, job location in Australia, it may differ.  The bonus is also around 5,833 and profit-sharing of 4,913 AUD, respectively.