ACS Skills Assessment Rejected

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a report which is used to test skills and knowledge gained by the candidates during work career, without the specific qualification relevant to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This RPL report acts as a pass to the candidates who are willing to migrate to Australia to pursue their dream job. The organization called Australia Computer Society (ACS) plays an important role in evaluating the RPL report of the applicant, this RPL report should have some important criteria as per ACS otherwise the applied ACS Skills assessment rejection will be imposed by the ACS Australia.

Who can apply to ACS Australia?  RPL report is for those candidates who do not have any specific qualification of ICT but have a good experience in the relevant ICT field. Candidates must showcase them at least 6 years of their work experience and it should be related to the ICT standards. Some candidates do not have both experience and qualification according to the ICT standards they can showcase their 8 years of experience. Some of the criteria of ACS according to the ICT standards are explained below,

  • Validity: The documents like qualification, knowledge, and experience submitted by the applicant for the ACS RPL report should match the discipline of the applied occupational code which Anzsco classified and should meet the ACS requirements.
  • Authenticity: RPL means learning before recognition. so candidates who have a good knowledge before the relevant qualification which is gained during their experience of work and knowledge.
  • Sufficiency: The applicant should mention his/her aim or purpose on the RPL application form along with this he/she should complete the prior learning form. After proper documentation, the RPL form should be submitted directly to the Admission office.


Note: candidate’s RPL reports should consist of project reports proofs. If the candidate’s RPL report does not fall in the above-mentioned criteria the RPL report of the applicant will be rejected by ACS, as it has full rights to do so.

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  • The skills and knowledge mentioned in applicant RPL will support effectively to analyse how it works in applied position or occupational code.
  • Identifies and fill the gaps generate during work in firms or organizations.
  • The skills of the applicants mentioned in the RPL form will minimize training sessions and learning the duplications in the organizations or companies.
  • RPL clearance by the applicants reduces the holding employee, training costs, recruitment.


The candidate applied for the ACS RPL project form will help to identify the skills and knowledge by assessing the past learning experience. It helps the applied candidates who did not get an opportunity to study further. The RPL for ACS will enhance the competitive spirit within the applied candidates by reviewing the mentioned skills and knowledge that they have gained during their work experience. This ACS RPL will help the applicant to recognize and learn the lack of confidence and engage themselves in studies in the relevant required field.

 If the applied candidate does not follow the above-mentioned details, then he/she is very mush cure that their RPL form for ACS will be rejected. We have top level expert professional writers to provide assistance in preparing excellent report at No-plagiarism but with high quality.